Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I'm beginning to realize that posting pictures of yourself, in your non-expensive or even that interesting outfits, can get very mundane, nor is it relevant. However, I want to reemphasize something that I brought up in a previous post:

I read a lot of fashion and clothing blogs. Like, a lot. I also read a lot of fashion journalism. Like, a lot. And these reads include super hi-end stuff and really lo-end stuff. Neither of which really appeals to me. See, I'm not all about droppin' mad bills for a piece of cloth, buuuut, I also like to look fresh, contemporary, and, um, clean (aka, I never been into that dirty hipster/hippie thing). 

So, where does that leave a girl like me who wants to find inspiration and encouragement from some online reads? 

Seriously, nothing seems to fit in with me--either style or budget. And so that's why I have started to document my outfits, I guess more as proof to myself that it can be done. I hope that if others know of good sites that appeal to us middle-of-the-road folks (I do know of Uber Chic for Cheap which is a great cheapo but stylish shopping blog), please, let me in on them!!

Marc Jacobs blazer--$40 at Loehman's (so sad that the one on State St. closed)
Oversized jersey Target tee--$2 (not kidding--sale rack!)
Grey layering AA tee--$22
Grey corduroy's from Old Navy--$18
Grey flats with trinkets a la Calvin Klein--$45
Grey flower in my hair that you cannot see but that was purchased at Forever 21--$4

So easy! Can you tell I like grey?


  1. I love grey. and I am 100% on board with the pixie cut. xoxo

  2. really?! ok awesome i get very excited/nervous when I think about the pixie, but i think it could be really fun. thanks for reading. xoxo