Friday, February 18, 2011

The beautiful weather in Chicago is continuing. And I couldn't be happier to have sunny skies this February Friday. I'm at work today (every other Friday...the other Fridays being in Evanston for school). I always look forward to Friday because it's Casual Day which means that I can (a) wear jeans and (b) I can have a little more fun with my outfit than I might normally (granted, I've never been one to be "politically/office-ly correct" with clothing and I always try to have as much as possible with clothes).

So today, I opted for my 501 jeans that I got for $25 (originally $80) at the Levis store, an American Apparel black v-neck tee that I got for $20, my new Gap sweater with Art Deco detailing (hard to see in the pic) for $17 (originally $55), gold Gap socks (X-mas stocking stuffer from 9th grade), black Steve Madden oxfords for $50 that I bought Senior year, and a fun grey feathered necklace that was a gift from one of my bff-ies Kate during her time at J.Crew (she now works at Dwolla, Des Moines' very own start-up).

One side note, I am including prices of things not to boast, but simply to show that great clothes that are tailored, fresh, current, and relevant (not that I buy things that are so "relevant") can be bought/found/reused for years at reasonable prices. Ha and all photos are taken with my smarta** (not dumba**) phone. My regular camera is in a box somewhere...

So ya, point being, you don't have to be a millionaire to have fun with clothes, but you should also take pride in finding stuff that fits, looks fresh, and is appropriate to wear to the office, the grocery store, or out with friends. Multi-functionality is key!!

WuT rU up2 dIs WkND?

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