Thursday, February 17, 2011

UGH effing finally Valentine's Day is over and Guess What?! It's 60 degrees and humid outside! No joke. Like, I actually got hot last night while sleeping. And my face wasn't all achy and dry when I got out of the shower because it's practically a stormy July day here in the Midwest. It's so awesome. Love it. Love love love. Keep it up, Momma Nature.

So last night I had to trek all the way up to North Michigan to God' inferno otherwise known as J.Crew. Love the clothes, hate the people who shop there. Suburban moms and their daughters who are way too pretty for their own good. Anyways, yes, I had to go there to return a belt that I bought for Mark because apparently J.Crew doesn't make belts big enough for MEN. Just kidding, I bought the wrong size. And they were really helpful about it. I just felt like raggin' on J.Brew.

Long story short, I walked home, passed Gap, and stopped in. FASHION SAVINGS ALERT: all their sale stuff is an additional 40% off so I picked up a blouse, cute art deco sweater in pale pink, and a nice pair of trousers. I suggest y'all sceddadle over there stat. Here's my outfit for the day:

Navy linen blouse: Gap: $12
Cream knit cluottes: St. Johns by way of Buffalo Trading: $25
Cowboy Belt: Allison in the 4th A in Paris: 12 euros
Tights: From my personal TJ Maxx shopper Audrey Baker: Free
Silver flats with accoutrements: Calvin Klein at Macys: $45
Lookin' good an feelin' good: PRICELESS!

Peace y'all!

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