Sunday, February 20, 2011


 Today is Sunday, a really dumb day in my books. Your Saturday was either awesome or not awesome and now you've only got one day--14 hours of awake time--to either live up to your weekend or to improve it drastically. Plus, tomorrow is Monday. LAME.

Yesterday while at school, I scoped out the city's Goodwill locations and found out that there wasn't one too far from me--on West Washington Blvd in the West Loop. I've driven through the W-L a couple of times but hadn't done much exploring beyond Greek Town. Sunday was going to be prime time for me to do some thriftin' and explorin' in the ole West Loop.

Except that it was raining! Grr...but, grey skies are ideal shootin' conditions (shooting pictures, that is) so I took the rain with a grain of salt. Here's what I found:

In the top left-hand corner, you'll find the studios of HARPO, where the Oprah Winfrey Show is tape. Hai Girl!! (imagine me saying this in that guttural, maniacal Oprah holler)
In the top right-hand corner is a pizza place. I didn't stop here, but I liked the logo and the name.
In the bottom-left you'll find Girl and the Goat. I had no idea it was so close to me! Mark really wants to check this place out--maybe for his graduation?
In the bottom-right you'll find a dope mural I found. 'Nuff said.

Even though it was dreary, I was happy to be out. The West Loop reminds me a lot of Cologne, Germany. Lots of old abandoned brick with a lot of grey condos. And the rain certainly added to the ambiance I was sentimentalizing. I really like the mural picture--I think I want to make a card out of this.

So, um, Monday tomorrow? Gross. At least I have school on Friday which means it's a four day week for me.

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