Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video Time

Hoppy Easter!

So the Easter Bunny didn't come to visit. But Mark spent $1.50 to bring Easter cheer to Iowa City and purchased an egg dyeing kit. So we spent the afternoon watching the White Sox win and dyed our eggs. Things were going real well until mark decided to pour all the colors into one cup. Then he dyed his hand. And THEN he poured red dye into the toilet to trick an unsuspecting roommate that someone has a bleeding digestive tract. I felt really bad for Mark because he was acting sad that he couldn't be with his familia Italiano back in the Windy City. I told him to suck it up--he's in college now! But I have to admit, I shared the same sentiments--I wish I could have been able to go home as well. So I dyed him an "Italian egg" to replicate the Boot's flag. I think he was touched.