About Me

College educated, insightful, and living comfortably out of my means as I work to define myself and avoid defining myself through work, this blog is merely an outlet for the race of thoughts that circle my head. Often, these musings include my thoughts about us recent college grads and the work place, being a "Frugal Foodie," and how to reject capitalistic consumerism while still looking fabulous. Read On! my friend, and please, bear with me...

...It all started about 21 years ago (circa 1988) when my mother's labor pains began. Unfortunately, I was too fat to come out the normal way, so they had to cut the poor woman up and literally pull me into the world. She's been left with a huge scar and I've been left with a stubborn ego that tells me that sometimes, my way is better than the ole fashion one.

Ok, kidding, but not really. I'm a little bit quirky, a little bit country (but having been born in California keeps that in check), and a lotta hungry and I love to write. So during college, while working on an original radio program called "The Freshman 15," my co-host and I started a blog. Since then, it's morphed, shut down, been re-instated, been purple, been black, for foodies, for indie heads, but now it's just about me. And the way I see things. For peer enjoyment or not, this blog is what it's like to be a 20-something in a ne'er do well world of hot politics, a cool economy, and a tepid desire to be fantastically successful at everything I do.