Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi All.

So it's been a busy past couple of days. I had school on Friday AND Saturday (and Friday night I had a teeny bit too much fun, so Saturday was rough) and then I moved on Sunday with the help of two great friends (who shall remain nameless--you know who you are!!). But, unfortunately, these exciting and tiring things don't compare to what my family experienced today: the loss of our kitty Sylvia.

I always hate when people talk about their pets like they're humans or like their pets are so unique. I mean, I get it, the dog/cat is cute, but so is every stinkin' pet out there that is well-loved by a family! And so I'm gonna refrain from telling you that kind of mundane crap about Sylvia like how she would lick everyone's face 'til her heart's content or that she would go ballistic when my dad would cook salmon because the smell was so intoxicating or where her sweet-spot for being petted was (on the side of her under-chin and cheek).

I guess if anything, I just want to take a moment to think about how lucky we all are to have those pets, people, or experiences in our lives that kind of hold your family together. For my clan, Sylvia was our glue, our common denominator, that we all had. We could be pissed at each other, contemplating running away, or lying to get out of family functions, but we all always loved Sylvia and had her love in return; we always had her in common when we all seemed to be so different from each other. She didn't care about our dramas; all she wanted to do was to love us and be loved in return.

So thanks Sylvie. You were the best dern kitty a gal, or a family, could ask for. I'm sorry for all those times I would hold you upside down and then drop you to see if you'd land on your feet. You usually did. And I'll see ya soon, baby girl.

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