Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time time time time

Excuse me, do you have the time?

Latest victim of my obsessive obsessing? Gold "boyfriend" watches.

My office is much different than my previous one. Where as I used to be the "young, trendy 20-something," I am now just a mildly stylish minion in a see of fashionable, attractive, and creative young people, the majority of whom have much better stylistic judgment (and presumably deeper pockets) than myself.

But, I'm a manifestor, and go' damnit, I will be stylish if it kills me. There are some great trends I see running around the office. Namely, neutrals (champagnes, sands, cloudy greys), bare nails (light or no polish), tunic dresses, and gold jewelry and accessories. Just picturing all these together sends me into a bliss of spring tones, shapes, and accoutrements...*sigh*

I have been hitting on all of these a little bit, but one that I'm really trying to focus on is the gold accessories, specifically, a gold "boyfriend watch." I love gold on any skin tone, as long as it doesn't turn into a rusted, blueish grey "brassy" color. This can be avoided by either (a) buying expensive shizz or (b) avoiding water and cleaning regularly those of your accessories which might be a little bit "lower brow"...

I found my dream watch courtesy of coquette (a fashion blog), and said dream watch is a Marc by Marc Jacobs "Henry" watch, ranging in price form $175-$225. Sadly, I don't got that kind of green, what with the grad school and the payments for the Mazaratti...

However, I did find these great alternatives via (a great site for cheap shades, jewelry, leggings, etc) and (a catch-all site featuring men's and women's shoes):

Henry from Marc Jacobs, $200

"Golden Classic" from, $23
Menswear inspired from, $16
I think I will be purchasing the model from endless upon pay day (my first one from the new job!)...right after I make a student loan payment and contribute to my measly savings account :(

"Time" by Pink Floyd...

On a tangent, but still equally as important for looking fabulous at the office, have you ever accidentally rubbed your eyes while forgetting that you had eyeshadow on? Not only does it make your eyes look like crap, but it also makes your hands all dirty--yuck! Gosh, I can't wait for Spring and warm weather when I can add a little flair to my look with cropped bottoms, undone hair, and light tops. But for now, shimmery makeup will have to do.

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