Monday, March 21, 2011

Great outfit for under $50

Well I don't know exactly how much my friend's outfitt cost,  but doesn't this approachable Forever 21 dress look amazing on her?! The purse is also from Forever. Its so slimming yet still really trendy. She wore it when we went out to minibar this weekend in Boystown: a great gay bar on Halstead that makes an amazing ginger-infused gimlet. So much fun!!


  1. Ha! I will confirm that it is indeed a cheap outfit:

    Dress - $12.50, Forever 21
    Cardigan - Free, hand-me-down (from Christy Carey!)
    Tights - $5, Walgreens
    Belt - $8, Forever 21

    I feel so flattered to be included on the blog Lex, thanks!!
    Purse - $14.50, Forever 21
    Boots - $40, Loehmann's