Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello All.

Yesterday was a very strange day. To those of you who don't know, I quit my job. Well, actually, I found a new one, which necessitated the quitting of the first one. And yesterday was my last day at the old one. It was confusing: part of me was so happy, the other part a little sad. But I think the most confusing sentiment of them all was that I just don't feel old enough to have the skeletal of a Career by which you quit jobs when more appealing ones come along.

Feels really strange to say I have a career, or at least the beginnings of one, and the new position that I will be starting next week is so oddly directed and on-point with what I want to be doing. It's very weird. I can't help but think, "How did that happen?" It's so rare that I feel so targeted when I make a move or a decision. But this one just makes so much sense, and it's so logical and calculated. In essence, it's so unlike the rest of my life!

When I began the interview process, I told myself that if I got the job, I would celebrate by ordering a deep dish pizza for me and my roomies. So, um, that's exactly what I did. I got a spinach and onion pie from Lou Malnati's in Lincoln Park. We opened a couple bottles of wine, and when all that was finished, we hustled to Molly's Cupcakes for some desert (we opted for sweets instead of more booze; a wise decision I think).

Molly's happens to be my preferred Chicago cupcake, but many opt for Sweet Mandy B's. Below are our cupcakes: Red Velvet, Peanut Butter with Nutella frosting (woulda gotten that one, doi, 'cept I don't really like PB), and Cake Batter (mine). Molly's is so much fun: they play great music (last night was Passion Pit; in the past it's been Cutting Crew), there are swings (seriously), and board games. I just think it's a great vibe--a little more "funky" than Mandy B's.

When my friends come to visit in two weekends, we are going to have a taste test and settle the Mandy's versus Molly's score once and for all...

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