Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey Y'all !

Remember me? Betcha don't! Dang almighty, it's been a coon's age since I last wrote! Basically, this new job is kickin' my ass...but in the best way possible. I've just been putting in some long, intense hours at the office, and with school starting, I just haven't had much free time to write, nor much fun stuff to write about!

Except that's false. I've been doin' tons of cool stuff lately! Mostly, helped by a slightly larger bank account. Last Friday, I went to Lincoln Hall with a girlfriend of mine to see the Wood Brothers. Ok, where to start? First, Lincoln Hall is a kick-ass venue with great beer (I had a couple glasses of Leffe, my favorite Belgian wheat next to Hoegarden). Second, the Wood Brothers kick ass! They are gritty, sexy, sweet, and totally rockin'. Below is a pick I snapped of the lead singer and below that is a YouTube vid of some of their tunes.

And last night I had an unexpected meal with two friends at Le Petit Paris. Over a bottle of red (don't know what grape), I ate an entire meal of Coq Au Vin. Very succulent and buttery--reminded me of my grandmother's Sunday meals. The decor of the place was odd (think Mafioso Hotel in Witchita), but that didn't stop our meal from being authentic, delicious, and much needed.

Work continues today, school tomorrow, and then a weekend filled with errands, homework, and hopefully catching a game of rugby played by an old friend. What a life!

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