Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My friend Martin was kind enough to let me borrow his apartment (and his free internet and international calling) so that I could attend to a few matters of business. He's out cooking hamburgers for some French kids, so I have the place to myself. Perfect time to upload these photos that I promised a couple of days ago...

We went to Le Marais, a very picturesque neighborhood in the 4e arrondisement right by the Hotel de Ville metro stop. Great shopping (sadly a little out of my budget), gay-friendly shops, and the Jewish neighborhood all comprise of this little hideaway just east of the Louvre. We got really yummy Jewish savory pastries (filled with epinard (spinach) and feta) at Kozcars (spell?), a seemingly family-run bake shop. So yummy.

In front of the Cafe Madeline, Saturday morning, when we walked to my office (which is also right by the Madeline).

I live in Montmartre, a hotspot for many tourist attractions like Sacre Coeur and this, The Moulin Rouge. I have never seen the movie, but if you ask me, Molly and JP kick Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor's company any day.

I think JP or Molly has the only pics of all three of us together. It was so so great to have them here even if my apartment was a little cramped. They left this morning for Budapest, Hungary, and I wish them all the best on the rest of their travels.

Bonne soiree,

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