Thursday, January 28, 2010

God Does Exist

France has given me the gift of mess around on the internet. Turns out, French people love sushi, and they are really into sushi joints, like this one, Planet Sushi, found all over Paris, and in Ibiza and Miami:

(photo courtesy of

The French can make even corporate sushi look cute. It's a gift, I swear. So I found an advertisement for this place while checking out the website of a bar where a co-intern is playing tonight, and I was drooling all over the place. OMG why is sushi so good. I think part of it is the texture (i know, nasty, but it feels sooooo goooood) and part (mostly) the soy sauce/wasabi--never fails to quench my salty craving. Ok, so back to the point of this (yes, believe it or not, there is an end in sight), check out one of their desserts:

photo courtesy of:

omg omg omg...ok dad and any adults who are reading this, close your eyes, but this is a food ***** know what word is supposed to go there. Oh wow seriously it's hard for me even to type this, I'm so overcome with joy and envy and hunger and over-active salivatory glands. This is why God invented globalization, for beautiful masterpieces of combined culture such as this one here before our eyes. Bliss, pure salty chocolaty Franconese bliss. Amen.



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