Saturday, January 30, 2010


Congrats to us, The Freshman 15, for reaching the oddly satisfying number of 10 followers of our blog!! I am currently chez McDo for the second time today waiting for some movies to download from iTunes so I can go home and watch them 9Inglorious Basterds and 500 Days of Summer, in case you were wondering). Thursday night, coming home from a co-worker's 'gig' I found myself in a metro station that was in the process of being gassed--my suspicions point to riots and roudy folk in reaction to the Algerian/Egyptian futbal game that occorued only hours earlier (Algeria was Egypt). It's interesting, horrifying, and strangely comforting to witness somewhat inderectly the effects of national pride in a country that isn't my own. From what I observe in the States, immigrant pride is waining (sauf que my few very Catholic and very Irish friends who never fail to remind us all), for better or worse. It's such a delicate relationship between Algerian French citizens and France: they come to France for economic opportunites because the French previously obliterated the infrastructure of their societies. The French don't necessesarily want them here, but the reality is, immigrant populations not only support an economy, but are also apart of the long consequential baggage that comes with France's (or any colonial Western power) conquistadorial actions of previous generations. All this thinking, as you can imaging, has made me very tired. So i bought a coat. This one:
only in a pretty purple color. Workin' on gettin some more color in my life.


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