Friday, January 22, 2010

Email to Audrey that sums up life

I just bought a pair of desert boots--look them up on google. They are so awesome, real comfortable. I think I will go to the flea market tomorrow. I have the second interview tonight, Ill let you know how it goes definitely. Ya, I did know that Maddy goes there--I'm sure she loves it. I wonder whatever happened to her brother...

I am so so so excited for the new and last (tear) season of LOST to start!!

Photo courtesy of ABC
Have you gotten caught up yet with all the seasons? Did you hear that Obama rescheduled just for the premier?

I dont know if you remember Sean, Lilou's bf, but they broke up and so now I dont know if it is appropriate to see him for lunch or whatever or when I go to visit...

Its really warmed up here, ok, its like forty five, but that feels really warm to me! Dad and I tried to video chat last night--it wasnt very successful and it was hilarious. I'm thinking about becoming a garlic farmer. I've decided that if I get into Northwestern, I'm gonna get another tat. Probably of your name across my ass crack.

love, dido

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