Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ahh wee wee

Ok, I have survived the first saturday quite successfully. It's not over yet--I'm about to go see a movie, the first one all by myself actually, so it should be interesting. I was feeling a little wistful this morning, so I bought veggies and cooked (oh and got a little wine drunk in the process). Here are pictures... (which I know is the only thing that makes reading tolerable)...

Inside my kitchen, dicing up potatoes and a leek.

look at how pretty this garlic is! Purple inside!

Some unsuspecting passers-by seen from the window in my kitchen. Of course, I have a view of the one construction site in all of Paris. :( sldkfjLOLlmafaosdifje!!LOL

Well, the movie is about to start and I'm sick of being in McDonalds (do you think he's Irish? Or Scottish? Mr. McDonald?). Ok write me.

<3 LYLAS 4eva,

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