Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everyday I swear I find a new store, filled with new things, that both put me in a trance and make me sick with envy. This store, and specifically, this dress, is one of them. This is what I want my wedding dress to look like, not that I'm planning on nuptials any time soon, or even in this decade for that matter, but this is what i want: Romantic, geometric and modern, feminine, and short so that I can dance in it (but in order for me to dance, I'd have to be good and sauced, which might be a little inappropriate at my wedding). Maybe with a pair of pink Loubouttins...

omg so cute! ugh and with a nutella cupcakes made by one of my best friends, The Sugar Sleuth (check out her blog on blogger), it is bound to be a party...Hmm...


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