Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lookin' Fly at The Office

Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Also, sounds expensive, don't it? Well yes, sometimes it is hard to find that perfect mix of corporate and casual, young but put-together. And it's even hard to do it on a budget. But it's not impossible if you have the right tools, and it doesn't have to be expensive as long as you are willing to set a budget and be true to it.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the key is in the fit. An outfit, casual or corporate, can look like a million bucks (and cost about $20) if it fits you right. Conversely, you could spend $100 on an outfit and look like you belong on the side of a milk carton.

And even though I love exaggerated prints and wild colors, for creating a cohesive wardrobe, they are not so helpful. So, I think a good alternative is working in solids, ie, color blocks like Joan Miro. These shoes from caught my eye and I thought they would look great with a black/navy blue/and purple outfit: (I would like to note that I was not Yoox-endorsed to mention their site).
Speaking of, there are great online sites for reasonable, but fashion forward, clothing. Yoox can be quite expensive, but if you scour their sale section (where I found these shoes for $40), you can find great stuff. I also love and These two sites let you pick and choose popular and current trends that will mesh with your style, budget, and profession.

And finally, I think it's important to remember that the office doesn't have to be a runway. Most people, save for a few Vogue-reading girls, probably don't care what you're wearing. As long as you look smart and approachable. So don't sweat the small stuff. Don't hoard clothes and labels just for the sake of having lots. Remember that if you buy the right things, you don't have to buy a lot. Happy Shopping! And Happy Interviewing!

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