Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are you going to Lolla??

Um no actually I'm not. Instead, I think it will be nice to take Lady to the dog beach in Evanston (one of the few I've seen dedicated solely for dogs...and one of the few free beaches in town) and then head to the free showing at Ingraham Park of Macbeth at 3pm (I know...Lady's namesake...How perfect!).

Mark seems to think that Lolla has been involved in some shady business (he didn't know the details). And while this has yet to be confirmed or fact-checked by my assistant, he did also mention that ticket sales are way down. And again, I have yet to have this on record, but it doesn't seem to far fetched. 300 bones for Lady Gaga and Cat Power? Ok Arcade Fire too, but really, 300 big ones to attempt yet again to conquer Grant Park, the endless sea of mud, mobile phone tents, and Urban Outfitter rejects? As I work to grapple with my own post-consumerism notions, feelings, and actions, I really can't see how anyone could justify Lolla this year.

Of course, it should be noted, that the only way I ever went in the first place two years ago was because I had loan money. But in all seriousness, I think people are realizing, or at least thinking strategically, that they can't spend that much money, plus the green on transportation, food, and BEER (even if it is PBR) right now. School is approaching, summer is winding down, and I imagine that people just don't see the reason in investing all that money into one weekend. And really, as far as I'm concerned, the best venue for any show is the speakers in your car, racing down a backroad.

The verdict on this one? Lolla, Out. Saving money, Hip. Lady Gaga's bellybutton? Probably an outtie but that's weird so let's say In.

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