Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Confirmation that I am a beauty goddess

Being ever the frugie (frugal person), I've been trying to justify that $10 dry shampoo purchase. Haven't really come up with a good enough answer except that now I will buy less shampoo? but oh well. Below is a video by Oscar Blandi for Sephora that Cara (one of my Evanston roommies) sent me:

It details how to use dry shampoo. Don't those scalp massages look lovely people?!? Mmmm I started to get all relaxed just watching.

In other news,  after one and a half hours of posting my grandmother's dishes for sale, I got a hit. I hope she bites. I think my Gramma Vicki would be proud to know that her dishes are being sold because her grandaughter needs the money for rent because she spent her money on cab rides, new clothes, and um dry shampoo. Love ya Grams! Going to Des Moines this weekend, then moving into the new apartment with the help of my dad. Getting very excited!

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