Monday, August 23, 2010

Dry Shampoo

So a friend, his name is Pete, is driving a section of Route 66 as part of a contest with Sears. He is my age, just graduated from DePaul in theatre studies, and with 1500$, he's mapping out a part of iconic America. Below is his entrance video:

In other news, today I bought some dry shampoo. I've always been curious about it, and after doing some research last night, and a trip to ULTA beauty today during my lunch hour, I settled on a 2oz ($10!) can of Ojon's "Rub Out Dry Cleanser" pictured below:

The application of this product is a bit tricky (consult your local ULTA/Sephora/Whatever associate), and the perfume is like a forty year old French woman in the Sahara (see: very strong), but I gotta say, I like it. I tried it at night; I think it's best to use it in the morning, so that bed head doesn't ruin your efforts. I've also been warned that for us brunettes and redheads, many dry shampoos (the aeresol kind) apply white, making our hair look ashy. Ojon did nothing of the sort.

Another great find spotted recently in the fashion/beauty world is $22 Paper Denim and Cloth jeans found at I love the structured stitching on the pockets of PDC bottoms.

And lastly, I'm thinking about bringing back my iconic bob haircut, maybe for my birthday. I found this pic of Drew Barrymore that I absolutely love:


  1. I actually just bought dry shampoo too! I got mine at Target, Umberto brand. I'm loving it so far!

  2. you're so on trend:

  3. I say do the do! I think you'll look FAAAABULOUS!

  4. I think your purchase is justified. I may have to go buy some too -- I can see it being a godsend when I've been cramming for exams & haven't showered for 4 days.