Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Everybody's Workin' for the...

...moment when they find a better job.

This Californiowan is about to add Chicagoan to the mix. So Hire Her!!

I'm frustrated. Not like, my hair will only part on the left and I really want it to part on the right (although, that does really bug me). I mean, like, frus-trated. As in, grab someone by the shoulders and shake 'em til they get motion sickness frustrated. I have two problems right now, one that is a personal problem, and one that is a Universe problem.

One, I have no clue what my skill set is. I know what I'm good at (making outfits, writing, eating, cooking, a professionally sexy and cordial phone voice), but in terms of short-term, yet satisfying career choices, I feel rather limited. I am currently working in a national women's clothing chain. I enjoy, a lot actually--it's fun to be around clothes and to help women, etc. etc. Plus, I get to put my outfit making skills to good use. But in terms of it leaving me satisfied, um, no, it does not do that.

Which leads me to my second point: all the available jobs out there (at least that I seem to find) are SH*T, and I'm beginning to think that shit can't be spelled without I. They seem to all involve number-crunching, offices, reporting to superiors, and becoming zombies to the corporate machine, even if they are non-profits. The expression of the individual seems to be lost, and I'm gathering all this from the JD (job description).

Ergo, we gotta all make it on our own. I'm beginning to realize that to feel fully fulfilled, we have to make our own passions, our own creativity, and somehow find a way to make that profitable enough to support us financially through life (side note: not necessarily excessively profitable, just sustainably so).


  1. Job-hunting these days royally sucks. Who wants to work for big-time organizations when they only care about their profit margin?

    By the way, when were you in Chicago?


  2. I'll be in Chicago permanently on the 15th of June. You'll have to come hang out!