Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm on the bus. To Evanston. I've got about two and a half hours left of the journey, including Metra ride to Evanston from Union Station downtown. I'm not dreading the lonely late night streets of the city more than I am carrying a heavy suitcase.

Well I think that if you don't know about it already, you should: The Megabus. I'm currently on it, using the FREE WIRELESS, with my laptop plugged into an outlet, no one sitting next to me, and staring at my ticket that cost THREE DOLLARS.

I'm a little nervous about my arrival. Sure, I've lived in a big city before. In fact, I've lived in two, all alone (see: Paris, San Francisco). But a new city is a new challenge, having to learn a new culture, a new set of norms, and new street plans. Plus, I've got to apply for yet another library card. I'm anxious to get comfortable, to relax, to find a job, to make new friends and reacquaint with old ones. Oh, and also, there's that little obstacle of affect: DO I TAKE THE CHICAAA-GO accent or don't I? I'm thinkin' no...

And finally, JP left on Monday morning after a great weekend of laughs, gossip, drinks, and 3:30am's. But yesterday, she suffered a family loss, and so, this blog is dedicated to her, and anyone else whose challenges are greater than my carrying-a-suitcase-filled-with-clothes-in-a-train-station worries.

gossip girl

Me, looking sufficiently out of place as always, and mah guhls:

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