Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is a running list of all the (in my opinion) noteworthy things that have happened to me since living in the city (and no, I have not even been here 24 hours yet):

1. Got lost at Union Station like a good little Iowa girl
2. Gave transvestite directions
3. Took first official (as in, necessary) Metra (commuter train) ride
4. Had impromptu job interview with international industrial supply company (offices in Kuwait, Colorado Springs as well...?)
5. Sat across from a hooker on the PACE Bus #250 from O'Hare back to Davis St.
6. Realized I didn't bring any sheets for my bed...oops...
7. Sat on the beach--Oh ya!!
8. Met three of my four new roommates--besties for life!!
9. Shopped at Whole Foods, spent less than $15
10. Prepared for tomorrow's interviews

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