Monday, May 31, 2010

Current Events

While I in no way think crepes are an arena in which to make strong political statements, I am going to do so anyways. Regardless of Democratic or Republican views, our American-Israeli alliance is unfounded and dangerous. I am saddened by the recent decisions of Israeli military and I urge everyone to view our long history with the tiny country and to evaluate the effects of said relationship. As Turkey, once-ally with Israel and soon-to-be EU member, has strongly spoke out against the attacks of yesterday, I hope that we too can put aside our political affiliations and realize that enough is enough, and that Israel's decision, are, to put it kindly, creppy. If the White House's goal is to keep America safe, and to keep our relations with the Arab world improving, it's time we let little brother Israel figure this one out on their own.

Disclaimer: I am not Pro-Palestine, I'm not Pro-Israel, I'm not Anti-American. Furthermore, I want the reign of Christianity to realize the detriment its caused to both Judaism and Islam, and the ways in which religion and State should and could interact. I simply would like the madness to subside. My political beliefs are socially founded, not militaristic. And finally, I think it's time to stop wearing our sentiments on our sleeves, so this is (hopefully) the last you will hear from me. For now.

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