Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesdays=Gross, Groupon's Pricetag=Grosser

Hey Crepsters,

Thanksgiving has come and gone. A bit disappointing--it went by way too fast! Even though I was unable to "live blog" the scene of the parents meeting, I did take extensive notes. But unfortunately, none of them are worth reporting to you.Why? Because honestly, the meeting went smoothly, so much so that it was rather undramatic. Everyone got along, the turkey was cooked to perfection (aka no bashing of the food), and everyone arrived and left safely and soundly. Ahh...talk about a Hallmark moment!

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is sure a bummer. The excitement of a full-email box with things to do yesterday didn't exactly come to fruition, and still today all of our clients, etc seem to be MIA so the office is way too quiet right now. Which is why I've been doing mucho internet reading on ever-important topics, such as Google's proposed acquisition of Groupon, now believed to be a pretty price of $5.3 Billion.


Sounds like a lot, no? For me, amounts over 1,000 don't even register with me because I can't comprehend the size, so 5.3 B left me rather unphased. But as I continue to gather research for a paper I am writing about the merger of Delta and Northwest airlines in 2008, I learned that Northwest was valued (and I believe subsequently purchased) for 3.5 B, almost half the amount of Groupon's proposed value. Puts everything into perspective now, don't it?

Google, you are sick. The only thing I can ask is that someday I, or the person I marry, will earn a livelihood from you. So that then I too can parasite off of your parasiting as you earn $1.3 M per every employee of yours. With all that cash, wtf not buy Groupon?

Me and the dog Chloe, contemplating our existences and what to buy on Groupon...

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