Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar High

Well I didn't "O-D" on sugary candies, but I did on plenty of other things. . .namely, food, drink, and staying up too late.

So I got into Boston at 9am on Friday morning. I found JP there and soon Molly met us and we took the T (Boston's trolley) back to her house. She lives in an adorable studio in Allston: quaint and quiet, but still in a vibrant neighborhood. We got a much needed coffee, saw the BU campus (where Molly goes for graduate school), and filled our bellies with yummy sandwiches from the Farmer's Market at the Boston Commons. We then trekked to Cambridge to check out Haaaaaahvaaaaahd. No, I didn't spot Mark Zuckerberg, something that I am still very bitter about. . .

The next day, we woke up at 10am and headed to the North End (the Italian quarter where Paul Revere lived) for cannolis at Mike's Pastry. I got a Florentine. . .soooo good. . .nutty with honey hints, creamy nearly flavorless ricotta and CHOCOLATE! . . . It was here that we would run into a Hawkeye which would prove important later. . .

Ok, I can't rotate this but if you turn your laptop or iPad around you'll get the idea.
We then walked off our desserts (or tried to at least) and made our way to Thaniel Hall for chowdah at a Todd English joint called Kingfish Hall (think of him as a Rick Bayless for Beantown). JP had crab cakes, Miss Molly had lobster grilled cheese, and I had CHOWDAH of course!

Chowder with real oyster crackers!

It was now time to walk off this meal, so we checked out Chinatown, a really scary Halloween store with an electric chair, and this cemetery.
John Hancock's grave. Molly told us that he is buried with one of his slaves.

We then had plans to join a bar crawl, but the bar was at capacity! Knowing that the afternoon was only going to get crazier, we decided to go to a bar called Clery's (yes, that's how it's spelled) because that is where the IOWA woman in the morning had told us "they" go. Turns out "they" is about 20 Hawkeyes living in the Boston area. That woman is from Cedar Rapids, went to Harvard, and now operates the Big Ten Boston chapter. Oh ya, we also ran into someone from our high school. WEIRD. Oh ya, one more thing: HAWKS WON!!!
Everytime IA scored, someone had to do the Goose Walk. This is JP's turn.

 From here on out, the night was a little less coherent. . .and not from the drinks. More from the food actually! We went to an amazing place called Parrish Cafe where chefs from all over the city design their own sandwiches. We also checked out the Michigan game and we met friends of Molly's cousins. JP also treated me to a wonderful hot dog at a place in Allston.

The next morning, needless to say, we woke up at noon.


  1. This pretty much sums it up! Whoa we did a lot. Great trip with great friends!

  2. Yes it was!! And yes we did!! And note to all those reading: it's Faneuil Hall, not Thaniel...Oops :)