Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Midwest Fashion

So, we're not the most fashion-forward of people, us Midwesterns. We're more about practicality--budget, body, boys (yes, that's right, as a Feminist I will admit that sometimes I dress to impress the men, though more often than not, it's to impress other girls). But that doesn't mean that a stylish one amongst us doesn't exist. In fact, many of us do. Thankoon Panchigul of Thankoon is from Omaha and has family in Des Moines. Cynthia Rowley is from Barrington, IL, aka, generic Chicago suburb #8637. Macy's has it's corporate headquarters in Ohio. I mean, we've got a lot goin' on for us. And of course, the sheer power of Mrs Obama's shoulders has skyrocketed Midwestern (specifically Chicago) fashion to the forefront. I can't help but wonder if she'll ever sport a number from this mark:

Agga B. I could see Mrs Obama in one of these frocks: modern while still approachable and feminine. Upon reading more about the brand, I found that it is apart of a Chicago design/fashion coalition and sanctuary called Creative Lounge Chicago. It appears to be an "artist-in-residency" program for Chicago fashion that includes lectures, workshops, seminars (etc etc) sponsored by the Toyota Coalition group. COOL.

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