Thursday, April 15, 2010

And we did it again...

I'm tellin' ya, us Iowans (either full-blood or not) really know our stuff when it comes to design. My father is opening up a lifestyle care store in the East Village of Des Moines, so today, while scoping out the EV's site, I came across the page of Dornink Courturier. Some of the stuff is a little iffy, and the celebs listed under "celeb sightings" included only Shaun Johnson (yawn) and Lolo Jones (TRHS alumn is cool I guess), but the majority of the bridal wear is really stunning. Modern but still traditional. Check out this one:

ME LIKE! But if you check out some of the other dresses, you'll notice that the models have really nasty "Iowa Hair." This includes piecy highlists, choppy ends, and caramel skin with blue eyes and thin eyebrows--very unnatural and not the least bit attractive! Oh well. If they buy a crepe from me this summer, I'll forgive them. BTW I'm looking forward to a summer hangin' around the EV. I hope that summer proves, well, summery.

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