Thursday, February 25, 2010

Press Release for The Creperie

As released to Des Moines chapter of Alliance Francaise:

By-line: Can you imagine anything more delectbale than light French crepes filled with fresh Iowa produce? Well, get ready . . .

After six months of researching France's sumptious street fare, a young Des Moines woman will bring authentic French crepes to this summer's Farmers Market.

Since her December graduaton from the University of Iowa where she double-majored in English and French literature, Alexis Baker (TRHS grad '06) has been working a paid internship in a Paris search firm, moving executives around the fashion, cosmetics, and design industries. That's the official story, anyway.

Fortunately for us, she's also been capitalizing on the opportunity to sample classic French street fare with the idea of bringing crepes to the Farmers Market.
"Crepes are this perfect melange of high-class and low-brow, gourmet and comfort food," she said via Skype. "Crepes have this reputation in the States of being haute-cuisine, but in France, it's a food of the people, of the streets, of everyday life. And I want to bring this understated treat to my community of Des Moines."

An avowed foodie, Alexis cites not only the shift to fresher, locally grown ingredients for her commitment to the modest crepe, but also the trend of world-class restaurants bringing scaled down versions of their menus to the streets. "A la bonne franquette--it means in simple, good French style. I want this method of approachable French cuisine in Des Moines. It's a shame we've been left crepe-less this long," she adds with a smile.

While Alexis has developed what she believes is the perfect batter for producing paper-thin crepes (the recipe is a secret), the menu for fillings is still en train. To begin this year's market season, la carte of "The Creperie" will be kept simple and genuine with confiture, sugar, and Nutella for sweet options, and spinach, chevre, and egg for a savory option. As business and technique develop, she hopes to expand the menu.

"I didn't want to make crepes something that they're not. And really, part ot the enjoyment of crepes is where you eat them. With your friends, on a busy street, enjoying life. What more could you want?" Alexis asks rhetorically.

For the record, the Farmers Market runs Saturday mornings 7am to noon, May 1-October 30. If you have questions, suggestions or soothing words of support for The Creperie and this enterprising young Des Moines woman, send Alexis an email at


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