Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Le Chandeleur

Le Chandeleur:
Yesterday was the religious holiday known in France as Le Chandeleur, also, Crepe Day, aka Candelmas in the States. Food is offered to the Virgin Mary, and crepes were traditionally made to use up rich foods like eggs and milk that would otherwise go bad with the upcoming Lent fast. Also on this day, it (who is this It?) is said that while holding a penny in one hand, toss a crepe in the other. If it lands successfully in the pan, you will have good luck for a year. I guess I’ll be having bad luck for a year because I did not do this. I didn’t even try. That’s my Protestant work ethic for ya (I’m sure my grandmother, Polish Roman Catholic four foot nine behemoth, is rolling over in her grave at that Capital P Protestant statement).
I have further modified my crepe recipe. This one was again unfortunately too thick. Here was today’s recipe (which yields in total 5-6 crepes if they are the proper thickness…or rather, thinness):

1 cup milk, 1 cup flour, 1 egg, ½ cup water. Salt, sugar, and vanilla (to taste and depending on if you’re aiming for sweet or savory crepes) should also be added, but I didn’t have any last night. I would recommend adding ¼ to ½ cup more liquid. I suppose milk would be the most flavorful, but I don’t know if this would mess up the chemistry of the crepe. Back to the frying pan I guess…

Below are pictures. Please note the very very yummy savory crepe I made with creamed spinach and egg, plus the folding technique of a sweet crepe. This is how they are served when you buy them on the street. Also note how icky gross and thick the crepe in the last picture is. This was the first crepe of the night and it was definitely the worst, proving the old French saying very true.

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