Friday, February 19, 2010

Male Barbie

I love men's clothing so much more than women's. It's mathematical, precise, and so dang sharp looking. Today, after completing my tasks chez stage, I read up on wiki articles about French Cuffs and bespoke suit maker/menswear designer Craig Robinson.

I think French Cuffs can look tacky on a colored shirt--the white cuffs and collars on pastel look a little more Cabbana than couture if you ask me. But white on white is so sharp, and I love the satin clasp.

Below is a suit made by Craig Robinson. He specializes in bespoke menswear, meaning that an apparel item is made exactly to fit for the customer--no previous pattern or standard sizing is used. Ugh, boys are so lucky! Note the satin lapel and perfect sleeve length.

Here is the trick to achieving the perfect sleeve lenght (this is very important to know when both buying a jacket or having one tailored--and this applies to women too!): With arms at your side, raise the back of your hand so that it is perpendicular to your arm (and so that you look like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins when he imitates a penguin). The end of your jacket sleeve should just barely graze the back of your hand when it is in this penguin-pose. This will allow for the perfect amount of your shirt sleeve to poke through, making for a complimented, balanced suit look.

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