Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stop Talking

Today, I bought these cards. They are made by a woman named Alison Riley and she is a cousin of my friend Jarrett Hothan. Her cards are simple, clean, and oh so sardonic (and from Brooklyn). Right up my alley! The brand of her cards is Set Editions. I’m not sure of its meaning, but I don’t currr.

As you can see, the cards I bought read “Stop Talking.” I plan on sending them as thank-yous, Hellos, and anything else I need to communicate by writing. The straightforward, blunt command really got me thinking. Stop talking. Stop it. Stop the discourse. Stop the yelling. Stop the diatribe. Stop the whining. Stop the bitching. Stop it all. In the wake of the recent shootings, and the incessant back and forth of political and cultural debates, has left me sad, exhausted, and totally fed up. I hope that in 2011, we can stop talking. And start thinking.

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