Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Eek ok I'm sorry little blog I've been super MIA! I didn't mean to be! I was still thinking of you, but what with the eggnog, the food, the friends, the shopping, the driving, the...the... well, blogging just kinda got away from me.

But, the real reason I decided to post was not to humor you with my excuses. Instead, it's New Year's Resolution time. Last year, at this time, I was preparing for a four-month trip to Paris to intern with a search firm called Janou Pakter. Also, I had just finished my undergraduate education and I was embarking on a new relationship (that sounds so Hallmark card-esque, but I can't help it!). Before I left, Mark took me on my first trip to Wisconsin, and during the drive, we made New Year's Resolutions. Mine were:
1. Find a job
2. Become certified in yoga
3. Buy riding boots

Oddly enough, the only one I was able to accomplish was probably the most difficult, given the economic circumstances. For this year, I want to focus on less-frivolous, more mindful goals that I wish to accomplish. These are the five I've decided on:
1. Graduate from Northwestern (I really hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing that)
2. Fall in love...with a city, with a job, with a hobby. I'm especially leaning towards the "city" and "job"
3. Be more romantic. The mom of one of my friend's said that you should never stop dating, even after 30 years of marriage. Go out for dinner, get butterflies in your stomach, flirt with him or her and be a kid in love, even it's a 30+ year love
4. Begin a savings/payment plan for my student loans. Just writing that makes me stressed out, and it's hard to accomplish with a minimal cash income, but it will happen. Some way, some how!
5. Stop making these lists. Life will happen the way it's supposed to, I'm convinced of it. Everything happens for a reason, and everything works out in the end. I need to relinquish control and let life take the reigns.

What are my fellow crepsters' New Year's Resolutions?

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