Sunday, October 10, 2010

Run Chicago Run

I hate to admit it, but I'm at a Starbucks (more like Star-LOTS OF-bucks) on Wabash and Jackson sitting on the patio with my $3.05 coffee drink. A young Indian guy just asked me to look up directions for Basil Leaf Cafe. He is supposed me meet some friends there to celebrate his completion of today's Chicago Marathon, sponsored by my beloved Bank of America. The marathon attracts up to 45,000 runners the Kansas City Star cites. NBC Chicago claims one ran barefoot. And after checking out a map of the course provided by the marathon's website, the course looks nothing short of daunting. Runners kind of annoy me (I dunno...they posses some runner thing that I don't have--maybe it's resentment or jealousy). But no amount of Nike/Asics/Saucony inside-edition type mentality can taint the fact that the feat they accomplished today is nothing short of astounding. So my hats off to you 45000.

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