Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bekah Garrison

For Today's (or really it's night time now) post, I am featuring the photography work of a friend of mine named Bekah Garrison. Bekah and I met when I was 14 at my first job at a (kinda crappy) bakery in Des Moines. From our khaki pant uniforms to becoming independent young women, I've watched Bekah's photography grow and morph (she was a year older than me in school and I would watch her work on the walls of photography class). Below are a few excerpts of our conversation, and below is some work that Bekah was kind enough to let me share with you here.

I've attached 3 favorites change all of the time. The first is of the downtown sculpture in the sculpture garden. It was taken in the evening during 80/35. I love the lighting in this photo, the clouds, the people on the hill, the slight reflection on the sculpture. That sculpture is sort of a staple for Downtown Des Moines. I've already printed it to take with me when I I always have a favorite place of mine with me.

The second is a photo I took quite a while ago. I love this photo for several reasons. First, is that I have a love affair with black and white photography. I will always be on a quest to find the perfect lighting for BW photography. Second, this photo comes from a series I named Green Chair Project. The chair was my grandmothers, and after she passed away I started a project of photographing it around Des Moines. This was in the dead of winter on the railroad tracks downtown.

The third photo is of a plant outside my house in Hawai'i. I love the LIFE in this photo. The dew, the light shining on the plant, the greenery. So lush! It was the first place I have lived outside of the state, so it brings back great memories of the house.

I suppose I always knew I wanted to pursue some area of photography, I just hadn't gotten a feel for if I wanted to do it professionally or recreationally. This past summer I have been working as a Photography Assistant at Meredith. To be around like-minded people - all passionate about photography - really gave me the extra boost I apparently needed to kick things off. I'm working on my first website currently, and I hope to have in underway before I move back to Hawai'i. 

I have been quite surprised by how open people are to having a younger photographer be in charge of capturing their wedding day, their newborn's first photos, senior pictures, or any special moment in their lives. I feel people are more willing to embrace a younger generations view point, and actually are looking for something different. 

Now that I have become more committed to building a website and getting my work out, a lot of my time has been taken up. I have shoots lined up pretty much every week until I leave, so unfortunately my friends are taking a bit of a backseat. Considering I am self taught, I do feel this is my "college time". I never had those late night study sessions, or week long paper binges, so perhaps this is my time to work my arse off a bit :) 

THANK YOU BEKAH!! So great to see alternate paths that other 20-Somethings are taking in this topsy-turvy world. I do not have a link to her website yet, but you can find her on Facebook here.

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