Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fly Away Home

Well, as some of you (the few who read this AND talk to me on a regular basis) know, today my French host sister Eulalie flew home to Lyon. Well, actually, her trip isn't that simple. First, she flew to Boston, then to Dublin, then to Paris, and then a train from Paris to Lyon. I know she'll be exhausted, but also so relieved and happy to be home. Plus, I packed her a snack pack so I know she won't be hungry.

But now that she's gone, I have found myself with TONS of time after to work to do nothing. So, after talking with my friend Jordan about the challenges of keeping fit, I've re-started my workout program today. Thanks to my $950 rent, I've got the blessing of having a small but ample workout room in my building, which is great when you're not feeling up to walking outside, especially now that it's getting dark so early. So tonight, after a stressful but exciting day of work, I did my 75 sit ups, some yoga, and 30 minutes on the elliptical.

I'm not saying I feel like Hulk Hogan, but I do feel great. So, my challenge to everyone is to do something today that makes your body feel good: maybe a hot bath, a walk to and from the grocery store (instead of taking the train), or a home-cooked meal with some fresh veggies (see: not frozen). I mentioned I did some yoga, but because I've never been very self-disciplined, I found a great Hatha video on Youtube that was 35 minutes long! I encourage anyone looking for a 10-15 min workout routine to check out Youtube as well.

This isn't the video I watched, but it's the only embeded video of yoga I could find for the purpose of showing you. Just google "yoga video" and great things will come up. So easy!

Me and Lilou:

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  1. Good for you Lex! I took you up on your challenge and walked home from work and then made a fresh, home-cooked meal. It was a nice break in the workweek. Plus I remembered how much I actually like spinach.

    Love the pic of you and Lilou!