Monday, September 20, 2010

And it's root root root for the...

Oh Sh*t, tomorrow I'm going to a Chicago Cubs versus San Francisco Giants game and I have no idea who to root for. Cubbies? Giants? Ahh! Even though I haven't seen a Giants game since they still played at Candlestick, I think it's in my blood to root for them. My family (minus my grandma who is an A's fan), and my extended family, are all Giants fans. But now that I'm in Chicago, I feel that it's time to adopt them as my team. I feel so conflicted. I just have to remind myself that "Oh ya, it's a sports game, something I care very little about. And at least I'm not a White Sox fan..."

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When my mind isn't all-consumed with mindless sports battles, I found a great blog page filled with new music while I was researching Mumford and Sons (a Tallest Man on Earth and Avett Bros combo--very good!). Here is the link. I suggest everyone download the songs and enjoy! I especially like Band of Horses and Mumford.

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Last post I blogged about Ettie and Billie, an organic skin care line. As I read about their products more and researched, I came across this blog called Fig+Sage. It's a blog devoted to organic beauty and wellness and conscientious consumerism. I love the layout of the blog and the products they feature, even if they're too expensive for me at this point in my life. I may be needing some lavender destressant pretty soon...

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Because school starts on Saturday!! I'm a little stressed only because now I have to start practicing my time management skills while I'm at work AND at home, but I'm really looking forward to those meals at the Kellogg Building. Woo Hoo!!

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  1. I went to a Giants game yesterday! It was fun although I have a really hard time paying attention to baseball, even when I'm at the stadium. Have a fun time!