Monday, November 2, 2009

For Sale

So many things have been happening. I went home last weekend (needed a little reprieve) and found the time away relaxing, albeit a little expensive, as I went crazy shopping. Current obsession(s): trapeze sweaters, oxfords, and high pony-tails. Since my quaint little University job, nor my internship (HA!), are bringing in much in terms "green," I've decided to finally open up that little greeting card business I had always dreamed of.

I have been making cards ever since I was about fifteen, inspired in large part by a friend of mine named Jordan who would often give cards in the form of postcards written on the back of pictures of either herself or herself and the addressee. I have always thought this to be a sweet and unobtrusive (and easy!) way to give a picture that means even more with a note on the back. My greeting card affinity grew ten-fold when I left for college in San Francisco, and began to write home to my love-at-the-time. I sent him a card every week--all handmade, and all sent from the 9...I forget the rest of the zip code. Anyways, it has continued, and now that I am enrolled in a calligraphy class, my love for greeting people with cards has been reinvigorated. Which leads me to my original point: I NEED MONEY YO! So I've decided to be a good little Capitalist and turn my love into the catalyst of me fulfilling my American Dream Prophecy, and turn my crafty little love into a business.

Please review my most current oeuvres d'art and let me know what you think! Coming soon to a Hallmark Mall Store near you...

<--The Donovan song "Colors" that I made into a book did this get in here? //-->

<-- My profile and calligraphy en francais!

a bday card I made...who will be the lucky recipient?
And over there in the other corner is an Animal Collective song that I turned into a book as well (sorry, I am not the best at page/caption formating)
Tomorrow's show is gonna be a good one, I can feel it (but I mean, aren't they all?). We're doing a "Name Game"--all songs with names in them. And, to spice things up a bit, we will be having an on-air contest. Be sure to turn in at 6pm sharp to hear what it is--the grand prize is a date with Mark! (And yes, I will probably end up being the one footing the bill.) Thanks for reading, listening, and tolerating. See ya 'round, cowgirl.


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  1. Lex--what a great idea! You are so talented and I think you could easily make $$ selling your creations. As long as I don't have to pay to get one for my birthday :) I LOVE the one with your profile and French words, it is so beautiful. Please post more, I love looking at them!