Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Monday

Tomorrow will finally allow the long-awaited A Case of the Tuesdays show for which I have been patiently waiting.

In about two months, I'll be leaving for Paris. Not London, which I'm really ticked about after finding this restaurant: Hache Burgers. It looks absolutely incredible. High-end Scotch beef, beautiful decor, and reasonably low prices (in British Pounds, which according to my recent understanding, still costs about double in American dollars).

And two days ago, I turned twenty-one. My first legally-ordered drink was a bit of a bust: After telling the woman it was my birthday (for which I got no salutation), I asked for a Gin Fizz: the lady had no idea what it was, but ended up making me a Tom Collins--with flat tonic. And she didn't even card me! But all in all, with dinners at 126, Givanni's, lunch from Thai Flavors and a Coors Light Tall Boy at one in the afternoon, it was a more-than-successful birthday. Thanks for celebrating with me. And sorry if I don't remember much.

Listen tonight.

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  1. Who doesn't know what a gin fizz is?! Glad to hear you had a successful birthday weekend! Xoxo