Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps

Dang, I had such a good intro for this show. Then I realized that woo hoo, go me I turned on all the mics, but I forgot to turn the volume up. UGH. I was trying so hard to do it all right, oh well. The band boys were like most band boys I've met/seen--shaggy-ish hair, with a bit o'grease, and skinny jeans and ratty tees. But they were gentleman nonetheless. Caroline's hair was perfect--the color (it used to be red, it's now blonde) and like perfect waves. ugh ugh ugh, I think I might have a girl crush (shh don't tell Mark, he will get jealous!). She was wearing the AA heather grey hoodie and now i rilly rilly want one! Please daddy please! They ate-up the Hot Tamales I offered them (our director Nathan said they are probably covered in H1N1. Oh well, the candies filled our bellies. The topics of discussion ranged from reasons for being a vegetarian, to exboyfriends, to Caroline's most embarassing moment. PLUS, we got to meet new member Colin Something? and the little brother of one of the Good NIght Sleeps. I really wish I had gotten a picture with the four of them, to add to the blog, and the proove my new Babwa Wa Wa status, but oh well. I hope their show tonight at The Mill was stellar. Instead, I had to stay home and practice my calligraphy (don't worry, I made it "fun."). Just three more days 'til muh burfday, and Arlen Pfeffer wished me an early happy birthday, and told me congratulations. Cool, ya, don't worry, i'm with the band. And then I got to help move a guitar. Ahh, it's hard being a member of the media.

I will add a sweet publicity photo when my firefox mozilla stops not working (there's an endorsement for ya...)

To our parents, Mark recorded this show--it's an excellent showcase of mark's groovy technical work and my sucky ability at interviewing. HOLLA!

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