Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hey electro pop people,

I've been crazy-busy lately, ok not really, but I have started a new job so I have had about a million other things going on in my head besides the latest happenings on Blogspot. So I'M SORRY! I won't do it again (but c'mon, how many times have I said that one before...)

Yes, I started my first day of work of my first 40-hr-week sufficiently paid job out of college on Tuesday. And I gotta say, it feels great. First off, I work downtown, one block north of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. I ride the Metra in--I feel a part of this special club, where everyone walks and moves in unison without discussing first, kind of like a musical. It's like we're all acting out some huge theatrical play that we rehearsed in a past life. Plus, I love observing how the city evolves from region to region, uptown to downtown, from suburb to highrise etc. It's like tracing your genealogy and understanding where (or rather who) that damn nose came from.

Second of all, I really love the work I'm doing. It's not so much that it's glamorous, or even that important (even though it is), but it's the people I'm working with, or really, working for. They are teaching me so much, making sure I'm exposed to so many different aspects of the business (which is Public Relations recruiting) and are uber-thorough about everything. And thoroughness isn't exactly a common thing when you're being trained at a new job.

And third, and maybe most important of all, the money. No, I'm not making 6-figures (I know, can you believe it?). Instead, it's that for the first time in my life (and hey, I'm in no rush--I'm only 21!) I will be able to be (hopefully) completely financially independent from my father. And while I've never been a spoiled girl, or even comfortable asking for an allowance or 20 bucks to go out to a movie and dinner with friends, I feel like this is such a huge step for me, and for most "kids" my age. It is such a pride moment (and probably for our parents too) when we realize that the safety net of our parents is gone and that we can actually survive without them. And as I separate myself from them financially, so will I emotionally. And not in a disdainful or resentful sort of way, but rather in a "You taught me all the lessons you could, now it's time I play the game of life."

And jeeze, some day, it may be my turn to (sigh, roll eyes, snicker, snort in that order) support my own lost, quirky, troubled beauty of a kid...myself.


  1. You're darn right we are proud of you AND all you have accomplished! At 'only' 21 you have done things many people much older only hope to do. Did you know the baby robins left the nest the same week you did ;) Keep flying toward your dreams...even if you don't know what they are, follow your heart. Love, Diane

  2. THANK YOU!! I would definitely be far, far behind without you...