Monday, September 28, 2009

Muy Caliente

September 15th to October 15th is a month to honor, celebrate, and reflect on a portion of our nation's history that is still very much at the forefront of today's political and social debate. Though we share 1000s of miles worth of borderline with Mexico (disclaimer: there are also many other cultures and nations included in tomorrow's set, including Brazil, Colombia, and Beck), we seem to think ourselves completely different, and often superior. But let's face it: we're both the by-products of a colonial mother. But never mind that, let's put aside our differences on the debates of national language, illegal immigration, and J-Lo's booty, and let's listen to some damned music already...

A little bossa nova anyone?
Hm, no thanks, I prefer the guy who Jim Morrison totally ripped off
But really, let's just get high and listen to Thievery

My cheers to the Smith family for finally cajoling mark to not only start blogging but also to cut his hair. Furthermore, we'd love for any aspiring photographers who are looking to build their portfolios to contact us--we are in serious need of some new headshots for this thing.

Thanks for reading, and listening, and tolerating,

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