Monday, September 7, 2009

British Invasion

I'm in this calligraphy class, and we just started working on writing words, any that we want, so I decided to start with song lyrics. And for some reason, Beatles lyrics got into my head (little factoid: I was very very obsessed with them when I was in eighth grade, so I know quite a few by memory). Then of course realized that Tuesday was fast approaching, and Mark is off doing God know's what, and we were in desperate need for a theme. And so, British Invasion is what I decided. And after making my playlist, I realize I didn't even add any Beatles songs! Instead, I took cues from both this article (Damon Albarn) and my dad...

As far as British invasion goes: start with the Stones (12x5 is a great early record, and 2120 Michigan Avenue is the only instrumental they've ever done--it's great! and a great opening song). Others, besides the Beatles, you gotta play are The Kinks (You Really Got me and So Tired of Waiting), Gerry and the Pacemakeers (Ferry Cross the Mersey (sappy, but good), as much Animals as you can, The Hollies (Bus Stop), The Who (Magic Bus), Zombies (She's Not There), Yardbirds with Eric Clapton, The Small Faces (ITchykoo Park and anything with Rod Stewart singing), Donovan (kinda lame, but a part of it), the Troggs (Wild Thing), Manfred Mann ( Doo Wah Diddy), Chad and Jeremy (had a big hit with a Lennon and McCartney song), Herman's Hermits for fun(like Mrs. Brown or Henry the Eighth), and John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers (a blues band that spawned several great guitarists, like Clapton and others. Led Zep was a little later, but you could probably include them.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Hope you are too.


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