Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I get this feeling sometimes, or really quite often actually, where all the stuff that i've accumulated (clothes, books, music on my itunes) starts to make me nervous--like when there's too much food in the fridge. So I do a massive revamp and get rid of it all. I've been using that past few days to really rack my brains and the items I have here: what's useful, what will I need later?, what am I keeping around for nostaligia's sake?

Completing this task every three, four weeks always gives me a new, fresh start: like running a net through a leaf-ridden pool. Afterwards, I can swim without being grossed out. And, the timing really couldn't be more perfect, as the French Sales (a bi-annual event where all commercial stores put inventory on dramatic price-reduction). Being the good little retentive girl i am, I have made inventory and a list of the things I want to buy (assuming of course that I have the money and that I can find them). Things that top my list are...
1. Longchamp laptop case (retail, 42 E)
2. Panama hat (size 60...i know, it's effing big)
3. Button-up over-sized shirts
4. leather sandals (love the gladiators, but will they be obsolete in a season?)

In other news, I am still cracking away at Alice in Wonderland. And in other, other news: yes, French people practice the most backwards form of personal hygiene: perfect makeup, sensual thick parfum, and oodles of body-odor (i'm sorry, it's true--they don't care for showers!). Speaking of which, I am still hard-at-work on my mediteranean tan (yes, i saw the sea this weekend too!) and my sister Lilou and I have made tentative plans to go salsa dancing this weekend. Ole!

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