Monday, June 29, 2009

The 15 on France

Two extraordinary things happened to me today.

One, I came home early from class to find my mummy and daddy eating lunch while Lilou slept in her room (damn Mono). Catherine, like any good doting mother, immediately fetched me lunch. Turns out, that left-over sausage that I ate last Friday after school was actually chopped up cow stomach in sausage casing. Today, it was my lunch. I thought it tasted a little slimy last Friday. Now I know it's better suited for cats than for an uppity American. After learning what it was, I told them in all honesty, it has great taste, disgusting texture, and I just don't like eating cow guts. They reassured me that is was fine and commended my willingness to try it. For the second time.

Two, I saved a honey bee who was drowning in the pool because the bees are dying, you know. Seriously! My kids (or yours) won't know the joys of mass-grown fruit! I watched to make sure the little bee would dry off and fly away. But it was too late. Instead of watching him or her gain its strength, I watched it die. First time I've ever seen something die.

I've been listening to Michael Jackson's song Will You Be There from the Free Willy Blockbuster. His greatest yet. I really want to start dressing like early-90s Michael--short, skinny black pants, low tight white tshirt with white button-up over this, thick white socks, and black patent leather penny loafers. The guy had moves in so many ways.

One and a half weeks until I return to the US. Things I still hope to figure out: why french people don't shower, what other body parts of cows they eat, why they love beverages so much, where is EuropeMTV?, why is their music scene so much better?, is it awkward when Sarkozy and Carla Bruni try to kiss?, do people really order heineken's with their croissants, why everyone parts their hair so damn far to the side.

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