Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Saturday Afternoon

I'm sitting in Mark's dining room--it smells like a seventh grade locker room and I'm thinking that's due in large part to the bowl of rotting salad with equally as rotting red onions that's been left to fester here. I have been trying to study as final exams are upon us, but the going is rough. (A) I'm a wee bit hungover. (B) I'm fitting back tears because this is our last show and the salty drops are ruining the pages of my notes. And so with that, I guess this has become my retrospect, where I will review the highlights (and lowlights) of this very topsy-turvy world of a year...

1. Mark moves into own house, Alexis into sorority house
2. Mark and Lexi's respective relations subsequently end, for better or worse
3. Mark and Alexis take up smoking, quit, start up again, quit, . . .
5. Mark and Alexis record their first show (please contact if you would like a copy!)
6. Alexis' parents get facebooks; Mark resents her for this
7. SPRING BREAAAAAK! Alexis avoids Mark at all costs
8. Mark gets accepted into the J(ournalism) School!; Alexis resents Mark for this
9. Alexis buys a plane ticket for Lyon, France; Mark starts working a real man's job @ Marco's
10. Mark completes his schooling, is now a bonafide Junior!; Alexis still does not know how to study but hopes to graduate in December

You see, our year can be summed-up in ten easy steps. But really, on a more serious note, this year has been much different from any I've ever had. It's the last full year I will spend in school. Both Mark and I had grandparents pass away. And I think I did a lot of "growing up" this year (whatever that means). I always ask Mark if he refers to himself as a "man" or a "boy" and usually, like with all of my questions to Mark, he just laughs at me and does not respond. I ask because I myself don't know how to refer to myself...girl...lady (ew)...woman (no way)...chick (ya probably) Maybe it's a pointless quest to find a word to identify myself. But I think that if anything, I'm just me--a sweet dudette--who is practicly perfect in every way (catch the Mary Poppins referrence with that one?)...even despite my 15 pound weight gain.

love to you all,

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