Monday, December 14, 2009

Cool New Song

I know it's kinda lame to blog about songs that have been featured on JC Penny's commercials. But you know what, eff you! I'm in college, trying to finish a final paper, and I'm drinking Czech beer. So sue me if I've gotten a bit distracted, what between the packing for PARIS and the looking super hot all the time, it's hard to keep my mind in a straight line. But ahhhhh, deep breath, paper is finished, Mark has left me to play CoD and do other unmentionables (like sew...seriously, what a girl! and probably hit the g***a) so ya, guess what, I am gonna blog about that silly little tune that is so freaking melodic and wistful that it makes me wish it was mid- to late-June and I was on the PCH going to Tijuanna with my one true love in the driver seat and my beloved dog Marcel Proust on my lap. Ok, I've got you hooked, I know it. Here's the song (dun da da duuuuuun...!):

Sleepy Rebels' "Kaleidoscope"

It's unavailable currently on their myspace page (u-ugh) and I can't find it on HYPE or LastFM, but hey you criminal! try buying it on iTunes like an honest man would for once. Yep, it's there. I haven't bought anything on that highway robbery market since senior year of high school, but this song will make me change my mind.

In other news, someone ripped off our name. But at least they made really sweet tees:

Some weird band called Freshman 15

Some weird cartoon that kids who shop at HotTopic must like

OK, I gotta go to the bathroom. This Czech beer has gone straight through me (after making a stop at my head first) and I have agreed to go to the Yacht Club for Blues Night. Two more days until I'm done with dis shizzzz...



  1. Lex, reading this post was a great study break. You make me laugh! Thank you. And I do really like that song.